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Outreach Practices with Jon Baker

Join us as Pastor Jon Baker shares his heartbeat for the lost through the lens of his own story,...
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Coming into Rural from the Outside with Tom Burkholder

Join us this week as we interview Pastor Tom Burkholder  about coming into rural from the outside, creative outreach, and finding support...
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Community Outreach Part 1 with Chuck Pruett

On today’s episode, Pastor Chuck Pruett shares lessons learned from his tenure in a Minnesota small town.   He shares about a...
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Rural Multisite in South Dakota: A Celebration of Change

Ministry Insights

Some rural pastors could not feasibly do multisite church, however, every rural pastor can learn to…
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Trends and Strategies for Churches and Ministry in the Sandhills of Rural Nebraska

Academic, Research and Papers

Read the Academic Article By Ronald L. Masten Partnership on purpose, spiritual fervency, and intentional outreach into the community will...
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