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A Passion for Revitalization with Matt Baumgartner

Pastor Matt Baumgartner currently lives in Laramie, WY, and is in the middle of pursuing a Phd focused on revitalization in rural churches. Join us today to talk about how that passion got started, and to look at some of the practical considerations involved with revitalization!


To connect with pastor Matt you can email him at matt@newlifelaramie.org


Check out some of his suggested resources!

“Biblical Church Revitalization” by Brian Croft

“Autopsy of a Deceased Church” by Thom Rainer

“Reclaiming Glory” by Mark Clifton


As always if you want to reach out to the show for encouragement, or to give feedback or ideas, contact our host Joe Epley at joseph.g.epley@gmail.com

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