Discipleship Part 4: Miracles in the Marketplace with Steve Donaldson

August 16, 2022

Join us today as we hear insights from Steve Donaldson, founder of Rural Compassion. He shares about how to instill creativity in the rural church and cultivate a dependence on God’s power in the rural pastor.

Discipleship Part 3: Lessons on Community with Neil Oravsky

August 9, 2022

Neil Oravsky has recently completed his masters degree through Trinity Bible College and Graduate School on the subject of spiritual formation among emerging adults. Join us today as we talk with Neil about community, discipleship, mentorship, and how to help young adults integrate into the rural church.

Discipleship Part 2: Holy Spirit Empowered Discipleship with Alton Garrison

August 2, 2022

Alton Garrison speaks of the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering the local church to disciple people. He also lays out tangible goals on how to help a church find its niche in the community and see God work through the unique gifts of a local body of believers.

Discipleship Part 1: A Visit to Rural Kansas with Dwight Dozier

July 27, 2022

In this episode we sit down and visit with Pastor Dwight Dozier, a rural minister in Great Bend, Kansas who has served the church there for over two decades. Listen in as Pastor Dwight shares about the high bar of Christian discipleship and the unique challenges facing rural churches.

The Church In An Age of Marketing and Media: Integrating Practical Strategies

March 3, 2021

Pastor Denny Curran of River of Life Church in Cold Spring, MN joins us to discuss the unique role of websites and social media in making the community aware of your church’s presence. Denny presents practical strategies and methods his church has exercised and how they have effected church turnout.


Denny Curran

How Education Furthers Ministry: From a Church That Has More Than Doubled Post-COVID

October 20, 2020

Why should a rural pastor enter a master’s program? On this episode, Dwight Sandoz asks pastor Stephen White why graduate studies has helped him answer the questions he did not even know needed to be answered and how it has furthered his ministry during the season of COVID-19. Stephen and Dwight also touch on the topics of applying learned ministry concepts and the spiritual and worshipful benefits of academics.


Steven White

A Confident Call: Insight on the Life and Ministry of a Female Pastor with Dawn Slack

October 12, 2020

What is it like to be a female pastor in a conservative area? On today’s podcast, Dwight Sandoz interviews Pastor Dawn Slack on some of the challenges and benefits of being a female pastor of a rural church in today’s world. While giving insight to the topic of calling, she provides encouragement and advice to those in both vocational and non-vocational ministry on how to confront challenges that come their way.

Dawn Slack

Pastor Cody Cochran: The Challenges and Benefits of Church Planting

September 30, 2020

As the senior pastor of three PAC church plants in the West Texas area, Pastor Cody Cochran, recounts some of the challenges church planters face, the sacrifices they must make as well as some of the ways God has provided for their churches along the way. Pastor Cody speaks to their values as a church to stay connected as a community, disciple and new leaders and emphasize the transformative importance of missions within a church. 

Cody Cochran Podcast

Pastor Cody Cochran: Unique Pastoral Strategies in Unwelcoming Places

September 22, 2020

After filling in for what was originally supposed to be a few weeks at a rural church in a “not very desirable town” in West Texas, Pastor Cody Cochran describes why, 19 years later, he is still the pastor of that church and what it took to overcome the numerous challenges that faced him throughout the journey.


Serving God From Behind the Pulpit and on the Governmental Level: A Conversation with Pastor Cory Musgrave

September 17, 2020

Cory Musgrave always loved politics growing up. Now, while pastoring New Beginnings church in Illinois as well as running for State Representative in the 109th district of Illinois, Pastor Cory confesses to listeners what it was like to communicate this transition to his congregation and also gives insight into balancing the tension between church and state.

How do Christians balance the tension between church and state

"Not Your Ordinary Church:" an Extraordinary Church Movement Seeking to Reach an Unordinary Community

September 10, 2020

Reverend Cory Musgrave is the lead pastor of a rural church in Fairfield, Illinois that is making out-of-the-ordinary movements for the Kingdom of God. In their conversation, Garrett Freier draws out Pastor Cory’s story of how his church works to draw in people disaffected by church and seeks to reach their community and their government by non-ordinary means. 

Show Notes: 
Cory Musgrave Fairfield, IL

Utilizing the 7 Mountains of Influence on the Native American Reservation: With Dobie Weasel From Life Tribe Ministries

September 1, 2020

In this episode, Dobie Weasel tells his testimony of how God brought him from a life of dealing drugs, and severe alcohol abuse to becoming a traveling evangelist, pastor, and now the founder and president of Life Tribe Ministries. Alongside his incredible testimony, Dobie tells of his experience ministering on the reservation and how Life Tribe Ministries has successfully utilized the 7 Mountains of Influence to minister to Native Americans across the United States. 


Dobie Weasel Podcast


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