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Ministry to those with Addiction with Jack Smart

Jack Smart has worked for 34 years with an addiction help ministry called Teen Challenge. His life has been dedicated to helping those with addiction find faith in Jesus, from his time with teen challenge and beyond. Tune in today to hear thoughts on how to minister to this group on a local level!


If you want to get a hold of Jack Smart and hear more about the ministries he offers to those struggling with addiction in rural communities, you can reach out to him at 417-849-1160 or through his email: jacksmart64@gmail.com


You can also visit livingfree.org or ruralfreedom.org to see addiction resources there!


As always, if you would like to reach out to the show with feedback and ideas, or to find encouragement, you can contact our host Joe Epley at joseph.g.epley@gmail.com

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