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All Things to All People: Contextualizing Rural Ministry Part 2 with Andy McMillan

Join us again as we talk with Pastor Andy McMillan as we discuss how a minister can lead themselves...
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Cowboy Church with Stan Formby

Pastor Stan Formby shares a lifetime of lessons from pastoral ministry, including how to persevere when things grow and when they...
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Lessons from a Spanish American Context with Dennis Rivera

Pastor Dennis Rivera shares about challenges for rural multi-ethnic churches, but also the solutions that he has seen work in these...
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Preaching That Endures

Rural Interviews

Cecil described how he worked hard to come up with sermons Sunday after Sunday, only to find himsel…
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Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers

Book Review

By Faith Bosmans Outline & Theme Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird outlined their book, Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become...
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Church Turnaround in Rural America


A Survey of Rural Pastors Who Led Turnaround after a Season of Plateau or Decline By Paul D. Maunu What factors led rural pastors from a...
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