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Outreach Practices with Jon Baker

Join us as Pastor Jon Baker shares his heartbeat for the lost through the lens of his own story,...
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Rural Resource: The Forgotten Church Part 2, with author Glenn Daman

Join us today as we continue discussing Glenn Daman’s book, The Forgotten Church: Why Rural Ministry Matters For Every Church in...
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Bi-Vocational Voices Part 3 with Tyler McGuire

Tyler McGuire works both as a pastor and in the public school system. Join us today as we discuss empowering other in the church, touching...
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Community Outreach Part 3 with David Bright

Join us today as we dive into how to meet the community in unlikely places. Pastor David Bright...
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Community Outreach Part 2 with Kent Anderson

Join us today as Kent Anderson discusses the need to reach community stakeholders, the benefit of long term relationship building, and his...
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Threads of Hope

Rural Interviews

How one creative rural church impacted their entire community.
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Church Turnaround in Rural America


Finding factors led rural pastors from a season of plateau or decline to turnaround; producing chur…
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