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Tall Tales of the Rural Church: The Great Turkey Massacre

Join us for a new segment that we will release occasionally examining a simple question: What is...
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A Case for Political Engagement with Jeremy Haroldson

Join us today as we hear from lead Pastor and Wyoming state legislator Jeremy Haroldson. Pastor Jeremy makes the case that Christians...
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Coming into Rural from the Outside with Tom Burkholder

Join us this week as we interview Pastor Tom Burkholder  about coming into rural from the outside, creative outreach, and finding support...
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Pastoral Transition in a Rural Community with Alvin Koski

Join us as we visit with Alvin Koski today about pastoral transition, discipleship, and how to find...
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Embracing the Process with Paul Richardson

Pastor Paul Richardson talks about embracing the process of discipleship. Leadership, conviction, and becoming followers of Jesus takes...
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Bi-Vocational Voices Part 3 with Tyler McGuire

Tyler McGuire works both as a pastor and in the public school system. Join us today as we discuss empowering other in the church, touching...
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Bi-vocational Voices Part 1 with Garrett Freier

Join us this week as we hear from Garrett Freier, who spent 10 years in bi-vocational small town...
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Rural Mindsets: The Good, the Bad, and the Godly part 3 with Gerad Strong

Gerad Strong was raised rural, has pastored rural churches, planted rural churches, and now helps other pastors do the same. Join us as we...
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Discipleship Part 4: Miracles in the Marketplace with Steve Donaldson

Join us today as we hear insights from Steve Donaldson, founder of Rural Compassion. He shares about how to instill creativity in the rural...
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Discipleship Part 3: Lessons on Community with Neil Oravsky

Neil Oravsky has recently completed his masters degree through Trinity Bible College and Graduate...
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Discipleship part 2: Holy Spirit Empowered Discipleship with Alton Garrison

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Discipleship Part 1: A Visit to Rural Kansas with Dwight Dozier

https://ruraladvancement.com/podcast-player/7484/discipleship-a-visit-to-rural-kansas.mp3Download f…
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Discipleship, Gideon, and a Rural Kansas Church

Ministry Insights, Rural Interviews

Replace the torches with weekly meetings, accountability partners, and biblical devotions.
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Chi Alpha Students Launching Ministry in Rural West Texas Communities

Rural Interviews

What if students started finding jobs in small, unlikely places?
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Principles for Rural Youth Ministry Part 3: Crab Claws and Candy Ships

Ministry Insights

I was brand new to the role and naturally apprehensive about such a low showing. The next week ther…
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