Tag: Longevity

Mindsets for growth with Scott Burr

Pastor Scott shares on mindsets that have helped him achieve longevity in rural ministry. He covers...
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Small Town Resistance, the Power of a Funeral, and Successful Longevity with Jeff Kapelle

Pastor Jeff Kapelle has spent 35 years ministering in Tolna, ND. Join us today as he reflects on his tenure and how he has continued to...
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Health and Dysfunction in the Rural Church with Barry Johnson

Pastor Barry Johnson has worked with dysfunctional churches and tried to bring them back to a place of health. After being in ministry for...
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Adapting to Rural Culture with Steve Mallery

Join pastor Steve Mallery as he talks about his journey of learning to adapt to the rural context....
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The Challenges and Blessings of Longevity with Foster Beckstrand

Pastor Foster Beckstrand has been in Dazey, ND for 24 years. Over that span he was walked through the ebbs and flows of rural church life...
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Bi-vocational Voices Part 5 with Aimee Osterhout

Join us today as we talk with Pastor Aimee Osterhout about her journey in a rural community of 98 people! Today she tells us of the value...
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