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Bi-vocational Voices Part 2 with Steve McBrien

Join us today as we discuss being bi-vocational with Steve McBrien, pastor in Oswego, Kansas. Steve...
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Bi-vocational Voices Part 1 with Garrett Freier

Join us this week as we hear from Garrett Freier, who spent 10 years in bi-vocational small town ministry as a youth pastor. Listen in...
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Community Outreach Part 3 with David Bright

Join us today as we dive into how to meet the community in unlikely places. Pastor David Bright opens up about the Liar’s Table, how...
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Rural Resources: God’s Country Part 1

Join host Joe Epley as he talks through some of the lessons he pulled from the book God’s...
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Discipleship Part 4: Miracles in the Marketplace with Steve Donaldson

Join us today as we hear insights from Steve Donaldson, founder of Rural Compassion. He shares about how to instill creativity in the rural...
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Discipleship Part 1: A Visit to Rural Kansas with Dwight Dozier

https://ruraladvancement.com/podcast-player/7484/discipleship-a-visit-to-rural-kansas.mp3Download …
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The Church In An Age of Marketing and Media: Integrating Practical Strategies

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Principles for Rural Youth Ministry Part 3: Crab Claws and Candy Ships

Ministry Insights

I was brand new to the role and naturally apprehensive about such a low showing. The next week ther…
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