Tag: Rural Leadership

Sustainable Growth in A Missional Context

Bob and Leanne Bachman have served the Lord for decades, first as farmers, then as missionary...
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Rural Advancement: Year in Review

Join host Joe Epley as he discusses where we’ve been for 2022, what we’ve learned so far, and where we plan on going with the...
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The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations Book Critique

Book Review

Passion about where and what is led gives great value to the organization.
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Ministerial Succession And Transition In Rural Churches: Challenges and Opportunities

Research and Papers

Rural churches would benefit from well-developed transition plans and discussions among their leade…
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Population Decline in Rural America: A Case for Continued Church Planting and Ministry Investment

Academic, Research and Papers

Read the Academic Article Written by Dwight D. Dozier This study researched the feasibility of church planting and ministry investment in...
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A Humble Pastor, an Incredible God, and Principles of Multiplication

Rural Interviews

“My house will be a place where people gather to know about God.”
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