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Bi-vocational Voices Part 4 with Maynard and Brenda McCarthy

Join us today as we interview Pastors Maynard and Brenda McCarthy and hear about the lessons that...
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Rural Resource: The Forgotten Church Part 2, with author Glenn Daman

Join us today as we continue discussing Glenn Daman’s book, The Forgotten Church: Why Rural Ministry Matters For Every Church in...
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Bi-vocational Voices Part 2 with Steve McBrien

Join us today as we discuss being bi-vocational with Steve McBrien, pastor in Oswego, Kansas. Steve shares about how coaching has opened...
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Bi-vocational Voices Part 1 with Garrett Freier

Join us this week as we hear from Garrett Freier, who spent 10 years in bi-vocational small town...
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Community Outreach Part 3 with David Bright

Join us today as we dive into how to meet the community in unlikely places. Pastor David Bright opens up about the Liar’s Table, how...
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Rural Mindsets: The Good, the Bad, and the Godly part 3 with Gerad Strong

Gerad Strong was raised rural, has pastored rural churches, planted rural churches, and now helps other pastors do the same. Join us as we...
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Discipleship Part 1: A Visit to Rural Kansas with Dwight Dozier

https://ruraladvancement.com/podcast-player/7484/discipleship-a-visit-to-rural-kansas.mp3Download …
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Finding Joy in the Journey

Ministry Insights

The joy in rural ministry comes from embracing Paul’s encouragement on the placement of our focus
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Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World Book Review

Book Review, Uncategorized

This book validates the church’s need for cultural sensitivity and will benefit those in mini…
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The Church In An Age of Marketing and Media: Integrating Practical Strategies

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